Moto-Germania is the motorbike tour operator in the heart of Germany and Europe.

This is Moto-Germania

We offer motorbike tours in Russia / Siberia, Mongolia and Kashstan. The enduro tours in the 4-country corner Russia-Kazakhstan-China-Mongolia are guided and are carried out with rental motorbikes BMW F650 GS, as well as escort vehicle. Tours in the Moscow-Saint Petersburg area can also be undertaken on your own motorbike.

The wishes of the customer are our command, we react flexibly to the needs of the tour groups and take them into account in the planning. The tour route, the type of motorbikes or the type of accommodation – nothing is necessarily predetermined and can be adapted on request.

Whether motorcycling itself is the main focus or whether as many interesting destinations as possible are to be visited – e.g. cultural sites, museums, events, sightseeing – is decided by the customer.

The driving force and originator of this enterprise is my wife Tanja. The photo opposite shows us on a trip to Moscow in 2009.